Portfolio: At your Command

Social impact game

At your Command

Made in 2021


What is „At your Command“?

At your Command is a social impact game. It´s story and gameplay are focused on racism, inclusion, and minorities.

As a captain of a spaceship, you are exploring the universe. You must manage your spaceship and complete missions by giving orders to your crewmember via Voice-Commands. During your adventures, you will meet foreign species with different capabilities and needs. You can recruit them to increase your crew, but they eventually face problems on board of a ship built for humans. Reaching from to tight doors, to disgusting food, at one point you as the captain will need to adapt the ship to suit species, that are not all human like.

Some of your crewmembers will also have problems working along each other and you will have to decide how to deal with racist crewmembers.

The controls shall, on one hand, resemble how important language knowledge is for a successful immigration. On the other hand, could an advanced version of At Your Command be played be blind people. Since all commands are given via Voice Controls. The game would obviously have to communicate way more information like the names of the officers, their current position or budget directly to the player. Nevertheless, I think this concept fits greatly into theme of being a captain of Spaceship. There are so many information to consider, that you cannot have a look at all of them yourself. You must rely on the information you get by your crew.


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