Quick Summary

Skill set and experiences


Advanced: C, C#, C++, SQL

Intermediate: Java, QT, GLSL

Fundamentals: Assembly, CSS,


Unity (advanced),

Unreal (Basics, Level design),

Vektoria (based on C++),

OMSI Engine (based on Delphi)


As a project manager I coordinated workflows from multiple co-workers for Bad Hügelsdorf and Project Prospero.

Community experiences

I’m an administrator of several Discord-Communities, forummoderator and took part in esport tournaments.



Most of my prototypes have been created with Unity and C#.

At university I learned programming with C++ and also started working with the Unreal Engine. Additionally, I´m leading C++ Programming exercise groups for students at my university.

I wrote basic Enemy-AIs for my projects Lasergladiator, Project Prospero and Laserpong using Statemachines powered by the Strategy-Softwarepattern.

For „At your Command“ I developed a basic Voice-Regonition-System utilizing the Windows Speech-To-Text functionality.


Game Design

I designed several video game prototypes ranging from a 2D-Fighting Game (Lasergladiator) to games including experimental concepts like the Voice-Controlled „At your Command“. Additionally, I created Levels, wrote Background-Storys and also worked on Sound- and Music design.

For Lasergladiator I designed a melee-fighting system with different weapons and several game modes including FFA, teambased modes and horde-survival modes against AI.


Team Management and Teamwork

As a project leader for Bad Hügelsdorf 2020 and Project Prospero, I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with different game development disciplines including art, 3D modelling, effects, sound- and music design.
Through this experience, I gained a deep understanding of how each of these disciplines contributes to the overall game development process. I learned about the unique challenges and considerations that come with each area of expertise and how to effectively communicate with team members to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Overall I really enjoy working together in small teams since it opens up room for everyone to bring up their ideas and perspectives on the project.

Special experience

Seminar work: Artificial intelligence in video games

In 12th grade I took part in a „seminar course“ which is an additional subject to prepare students for scientific homework you need to write at universities. In my seminar paper I researched different AI technologies and discussed the question if AI-opponents offer a better playing experience then humans would.

For my seminar work I interviewed several video games developers including two members of Ubisoft Blue Byte. My seminar paper got 14 out of 15 possible grade-points by my teacher.

My game dev journey

Finn Wiskandt

Video games: Entertainment, emotions, passion.

My relation to video games could be described as extremely passionate. I have been a big fan of playing video games since I have first tried them, but soon I discovered that video games offer more than just a playing experience. I grew up with real-time strategy games which used to include map- and level editors, so I started creating custom levels and maps for games like Stronghold: Crusader or Empire Earth and showed them to my older brothers who had to play most of them at least once. Analyzing their reactions was simply great. Soon, I started dreaming about becoming a video game developer.

Now, 8 years later, I’m not watching my brothers, but YouTubers playing, experiencing and reacting to creations that came from my mind. I still think that this is one of the most satisfying feelings I have ever had. One year ago, at the age of 18, I released my first commercial Steam-Release: The OMSI-2 AddOn Bad Hügelsdorf which I started developing back in 2017. On the release day there soon were numerous of videos, comments and others reactions on my AddOn. I watched almost all the videos and never got bored. The feeling of causing emotions on players was amazing. When they laughed, I laughed even more. When they explored the world, I was waiting full of excitement and hoping, that they would find specific little details and Easter eggs.

Around the same time at which I started the professional development of Bad Hügelsdorf, I changed schools and decided on visiting a „technisches Gymnasium“ specialized in computer science. Having learned the basics of programming in school, I started teaching myself C# and Unity to start my current game project with the internal title „Fighting Friends“, now namend „Lasergladiator“.