Portfolio: About me

Quick Summary

Skill set and experiences

Programming Languages

Java, C#,
C, C++


Unity (advanced),
Unreal (Basics, Level design), Custom Delphi Engine from OMSI

Management and Marketing

As a project manager I coordinated workflows from different co-workers.

Community experiences

I’m administrator of several Discord-Communities, forummoderator and took part in esport tournaments

Special experience

Seminar work: Artificial intelligence in video games

In 12th grade I took part in a „seminar course“ which is an additional subject to prepare students for scientific homework you need to write at universities. In my seminar paper I researched different AI technologies and discussed the question if AI-opponents offer a better playing experience then humans would.

For my seminar work I interviewed several video games developers including two members of Ubisoft Blue Byte. My seminar paper got 14 out of 15 possible grade-points by my teacher.

My game dev journey

Finn Wiskandt

Video games: Entertainment, emotions, passion.

My relation to video games could be described as extremely passionate. I have been a big fan of playing video games since I have first tried them, but soon I discovered that video games offer more than just a playing experience. I grew up with real-time strategy games which used to include map- and level editors, so I started creating custom levels and maps for games like Stronghold: Crusader or Empire Earth and showed them to my older brothers who had to play most of them at least once. Analyzing their reactions was simply great. Soon, I started dreaming about becoming a video game developer.

Now, 8 years later, I’m not watching my brothers, but YouTubers playing, experiencing and reacting to creations that came from my mind. I still think that this is one of the most satisfying feelings I have ever had. One year ago, at the age of 18, I released my first commercial Steam-Release: The OMSI-2 AddOn Bad Hügelsdorf which I started developing back in 2017. On the release day there soon were numerous of videos, comments and others reactions on my AddOn. I watched almost all the videos and never got bored. The feeling of causing emotions on players was amazing. When they laughed, I laughed even more. When they explored the world, I was waiting full of excitement and hoping, that they would find specific little details and Easter eggs.

Around the same time at which I started the professional development of Bad Hügelsdorf, I changed schools and decided on visiting a „technisches Gymnasium“ specialized in computer science. Having learned the basics of programming in school, I started teaching myself C# and Unity to start my current game project with the internal title „Fighting Friends“, now namend „Lasergladiator“.