Portfolio: Laserpong


Laserpong is a Sci-Fi Themed Fast-Paced variation of the classic Pong game.

Quick Summary

Key elements I learned while developing Laserpong

Unity and C#

Android Deployment

Laserpong is my first title published on Android.

Mobile Optimization

Being my first mobile title, I learned a lot about optimization and adapting screen-resolutions to different smartphones.

Sound Design

I edited and created a lot of sound and texture files to help players immerse into the game.

Gameplay Video

The idea behind Laserpong

During the summer-holidays 2022 I wanted to create a small-scale game to practice the
publishing process for mobile devices.

I took the first two weeks to create what is now known under the name „Laserpong“.

The game concept is simple and a homage to the Wii-Play minigame „Laserhockey“.

Laserpong however plays faster and offers more room for customization.
Players can choose on which side they want to play, select from 4 AI-Difficulty Settings, and set a goal target.